Wednesday, 7 December 2011


This week I've been making pretty patterns in my shed.

I use patterns most days in my job, but I don't mean that kind of pattern, I mean casting patterns. Although of course it amounts to the same, something easily repeated.

You may recall that some weeks ago I requisitioned Mr. Middleton's wood lathe to turn up the blanks from some 'donated' apple wood.

Part payment for my appalling injuries sustained whilst at Mr. Middleton's house.
I've spent a little time removing some bits and adding some more to make the final shapes. Isn't it quick to make stuff out of wood? I don't do it very often but I quite like woodworking. I often think that working with metal is digital or binary in that what you make is either right or wrong, it fits or it doesn't. Whilst wood is analogue and you need to allow for inconveniences like grain, knots and movement. Wood is a far more emotional medium. But what do I know?

I do know that I now need to clean up my workshop again as it has a pile of wood shaving instead of swarf. I think I'll bribe my children to do it for me.

Some slots to allow other bits to be firmly stuck on.
Some more bits to be stuck on. The filler to radius the corners is a two part epoxy resin.
The elliptical profile has been left oversize to allow for shrinkage and to make adjustments
 when filing to fit the  backbone. The sealer is also a two part epoxy compatible with the filler.
The paint is just an automotive primer.
I'll take these to the local foundry next week and see what they say.

In other news, last weekend was the Santa Parade here in Christchurch. The route was different this year as the traditional route has been somewhat munted by the earthquakes. We were invited to take part as usual on the antique bikes and we had a good turn out this year with quite a few younger riders which is good to see. The weather was as hot as it always seems to be for this event and the crowd was as big as usual despite the route change. An estimated 100,000 people lined the route.

This bit is actually part of my commute, Usually more cars, less people, different bike

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